17/9/2015 - 

We haven't put a blog post up in a long time, so here's one now.

5/28/2015 -

We've gone on an excursion to AIE Canberra to work on our game. Large advancements have been made and the game is coming along nicely. We've learnt a large amount of techniques to apply to our work making it significantly easier and opening pathways for out game we wouldn't usually look for. The trip has helped every single student with their work and assets in some way and will make the development of our game quicker and smoother. A number of important assets have been "low-polyised" including Paul, Jules, The Red Belly Black Snake and many more. Logos and new assets that were needed have been created and also a number of assets that the class have decided would be a good fit to the game. Having a day to work on our game has been a great help and we will try and do it again.