AR School Hunt


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App Description

This app was designed by a school for use in all schools. New students can find their way around their new school in a fun, innovative app that incorporates the use of Augmented Reality (AR) with learning.
Students, using this app, must traverse around their school, finding each special poster located at or near each faculty. When the poster is viewed in the app’s camera a 3D interactable model will appear in AR on the student’s device. Alongside this model is a multiple choice question that will need to be answered correctly for the poster to be deemed ‘unlocked’. Participating students’ goal is to go around to each faculty and unlock each poster by answering the faculty-related question associated with the poster. If the student does not know the answer to the question they can simply ask one of the teachers near-by at the faculty staffroom or fellow students.
This app was developed by Rusty Old Cat Games at Lake Tuggeranong College.


For Participating Schools

!--- This app will only work with participating schools.
If your school wants to participate in this AR orientation experience, simply download the posters to hang up around your school.

>> Download the posters that the app requires here!